Living in Colorado means needing to exfoliate constantly. Going to the spa for that is too expensive and short lived and a loofah just wasn’t getting it and wasn’t getting into that hard to reach back area. I love using my Brio! It allows me to exfoliate and reach those hard to get areas whenever I need it!


As an athlete and someone who is constantly on their feet, the Brio has been quintessential in helping me exfoliate and get clean after long days at work and after many hours playing basketball and working out at the gym. It has been especially helpful in exfoliating all the calluses that have formed on my feet over the years. I love this product!


I absolutely love my Brio! I received it as a gift and since I started incorporating it into my everyday shower routine, I have noticed such a difference in my skin, it is a great exfoliator and makes washing so easy!


My wife and I are sixty something so our flexibility is limited. We like our Brio Back & Body Scrubber because it is designed to exfoliate the skin on your back. We also use it on our feet with ease. The ergonomic handles ensure you won’t throw your shoulder out trying to reach the ends.

We like the large coverage area thanks to its diamond shape. It reaches the areas others we tried did not. The pocket design allows you to put a bar of soap inside of it, no dropping the soap. It dries quickly, so mold is not an issue and it stays fresh.

Our Customers Love Their Brio Back and Body Scrubbers

Jenna F.

It’s amazing, and its machine washable, I love that about it. Every time I use my Brio it feels brand new, and I don’t have to constantly re-buy back scrubs.

Lori K.

I bought my Brio at the street fair in Carlsbad and I just want to say how much I love this product! It stays clean and I can reach my back without any strain and it’s machine washable! I just love my Brio Back and Body Scrubber!

Michelle L.

This is one of the best products I have purchased in a long time. The Brio Back and Body Scrubber is easy to use, great quality, and long lasting! I highly recommend this to anyone!

Jennifer L.

This was my FAVORITE purchase this year!! Having silky smooth radiant skin is absolutely essential to feeling my best! I know the benefits of exfoliation and this product hits the mark!! Thank you Brio for an amazing product!!

Greg G.

Every month my wife would buy 2 of those little shower scrubbers that would never get all of my back and that started to smell after the first couple of uses because of all the bacteria. Now we haven’t spent any money on a new scrubber for the past 2 years and I’m getting a better clean out of it. I like the fact that we can machine wash it and the fact that it doesn’t absorb water so no nasty smelling bacteria is growing. I love having a clean back. Thank you Brio for saving my money and my back.

Michael M.

I own an Auto Mechanic Shop and we have one hanging near the sink. It gets my hands cleaner than any mechanic soap I’ve ever used. I thank you very much for introducing me to the Brio Back and Body Scrubber.

Gary A.

I’m a construction worker who has totally fallen in love with this Brio Back and Body Scrubber!! It’s nice to be able to use something that can wash away all the dirt and sweat off my back and body from a hard day’s work!!! I’m so thankful for this and highly recommend it to everyone!