The loofah has been used for bathing as early as the time of Cleopatra in Egypt around 50 BC. Traditional loofahs are made from the fruits of the gourd plant, which are allowed to mature and dry out on the vine itself and are later harvested to create sponges. While consumers may consider the “natural quality” as an attraction, it is also its major downfall. Being a natural plant product, once moistened, the traditional loofah becomes an ideal breeding ground for living organisms, like bacteria, mold and fungus. New Jersey based Dermatologist Dr. Birgit Toome said, “Bacteria can build up in the crevices and infect you via an open cut or acne.” If you use a traditional loofah once you may be okay. Use it twice and you are scrubbing yourself with a microbe-infused sponge. And, if you share that loofah, well you get the point!

The Brio Back and Body Scrubber


Our Product and How it’s Different

The Brio Back and Body Scrubber Exfoliating Shower and Bath Scrub is currently the only product on the market of its kind. The Brio can be helpful in combating bacteria and getting consumers the results they are looking for when bathing. The following are the features and benefits of our product:

  • Water Repellent (Hydrophobic) – The Brio is made of specific yarn that is water repellent, which means that it dries completely, thus eliminating the moisture needed to breed bacteria.
  • Reduces Bacteria Growth– While we are still waiting for clinical research, our personal findings are that the hydrophobic material dries quickly and completely.
  • Convenient Handles – Most loofahs on the market do not allow you to reach those hard-to-reach spots, including your back. The Brio is over 26 inches long and has handles so you can reach your back while scrubbing.
  • Mildly Abrasive– The Brio does have a porous texture to it. Once lathered, it’s just abrasive enough to allow the skin to exfoliate, but not scratch or harm the skin.
  • Exfoliates for Radiant Skin – The abrasive nature of the Brio exfoliates the skin, and provides radiant healthy skin.
  • Machine Washable – Throw your Brio in any household washing machine occasionally to wash it. Simply hang to dry.
  • Long-Lasting– The Brio is designed with a rugged and durable yarn, which will provide our users with a long-lasting product.
How To Wash